William Sculthorpe

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Joined date: August 2012

All my work is concerned with observation and representation of visual reality, either painted or drawn from life, or based on sketches and memory.
I believe painting provides an opportunity to give concrete form to active observation, to strive to represent what is seen as effectively as possible; to seek the visual information that seems to be most vital to this; and to convey this information in an image that is by its nature lesser than the original subject in intensity of light and colour, range of contrast and generally in amount of information – and make a virtue out of these necessary constraints.

For me the vital information is largely about the interaction of light with 3 dimensionality. As observation is crucial to my work, much work is naturally focused on my immediate surroundings. Since beginning to work full time as an artist in 2007, I have sold work both through galleries and directly to the customer and take commissions. I have lived, worked and studied in London, Doncaster and Lincoln, and recently also in Northamptonshire, where my work can be seen at Storehouse Gallery, Weedon Bec.

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Date August 3, 2018