January 27, 2019

Madeline Pick

Website: https://www.madelinepick.com/ eMail: madeline.pick@gmail.com Joined date: 2008 Madeline qualified in 2011 with a first class honours degree in Fine Art and Crafts, awarded by the University of Hull. She is now dedicated to establishing and developing her artistic practice. She enjoys working in many media, often combining them together in one piece of work. Madeline offers the

November 10, 2018

Joan Currie

eMail: joan26currie@gmail.com Joined date: Summer 2018 Living in the countryside, I explore atmosphere, colour and form in my own, delicate approach to textile interpretation. I use the sewing machine as a drawing tool, always trying to capture the essence rather than the whole. I walk…sketch…dye threads…machine…create… Member of two contemporary textile art exhibiting groups: Nolitex based

November 10, 2018

Carrie Archer

Website: http://carriearcher.co.uk eMail: carrieholder8@gmail.com Joined date: 2014 I am a visual artist working mostly with textiles, collage and mixed media. I enjoy using vintage and found materials that still bear the marks and patina from their previous use. I love rummaging in charity shops and flea markets for my materials and finding a use for items that

November 10, 2018

Nathan Turnbull

Website: http://www.nathanturnbull.com eMail: nathancturnbull@aol.co.uk Joined date: May 2018 After leaving school I spent six years studying art, design and illustration. I’ve now been creating art for more than thirty years; over those years I’ve had ‘proper’ jobs working for big international companies, including to my surprise fifteen years as an IT engineer. For the past ten

August 3, 2018

William Sculthorpe

Website: www.williamsculthorpe.co.uk Social:  www.facebook.com/williamsculthorpe.artist eMail: williamsculthorpe252@hotmail.com Joined date: August 2012 All my work is concerned with observation and representation of visual reality, either painted or drawn from life, or based on sketches and memory. I believe painting provides an opportunity to give concrete form to active observation, to strive to represent what is seen as effectively as

June 11, 2018

Martin Pick Photography

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