Carrie Archer



Joined date: 2014

I am a visual artist working mostly with textiles, collage and mixed media. I enjoy using vintage and found materials that still bear the marks and patina from their previous use. I love rummaging in charity shops and flea markets for my materials and finding a use for items that have been discarded or overlooked.

My creative practice focuses on making tangible that which is invisible or ethereal and transcendent. I have a particular interest in memory, traces and in recording my emotional response to a time or place. Ultimately, my work stems from personal experiences and memories that I embed in my work allowing me to express myself in a way that I would otherwise find difficult.

I prefer techniques that are low-tech and intuitive, responding instinctively to my materials and imagination. My material choices are informed by the meaning or emotion that I want to convey in my work, but I have a strong preference for the tactility of textiles and three dimensional materials. This means that my work often hovers on the boundaries between fine art and crafts and I embrace this eclectic nature of my practice.

Project Name Carrie Archer

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Date November 10, 2018